Tab Ping

Tab Ping picture

  • show IP records and state of them
  • Checker Pinging start or stop nonstop pinging of IP address
  • Button 1xPing make one ping of IP address
  • Button >>Input insert IP records to Tab Input Editor
  • Button DNS translate IP names to IP numbers, if any IP name has more then one IP number, first IP number is used
  • Button RevDNS translate IP numbers to IP names, if any IP number has more then one IP name, first IP name is used
  • Button Cancel DNS abort IP translation

Popup menu from right mouse button

  • Insert IP Name to the Trace tab
  • Insert IP Number to the Trace tab
  • open Share (result is in the output tab)
  • open http (result is in the output tab)

Tab Ping picture, viewed in List style

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